Sali Cleve Drinking Fountain

Sali Cleve drinking fountain, St Kilda, Victoria 

Public Art : Sali Cleve Drinking Fountain

Designer : © Charles Adam Irwin

Work : The stone components were constructed by Adamant Monumental Works and the bronze work was completed by James Marriott.

Description : The water fountain features four granite basins attached to a tall ionic column. At the very top of the column is a small bronze sculpture of a sailing ship.  The fountain is constructed from four different types of granite and is decorated with cast and wrought bronze decorations.

Style : Beaux Arts Classical

Date Unveiled : April, 1911.

Location : The fountain can be found in Catani Gardens, St Kilda, Victoria, Australia.

Background : The water fountain was a gift to the City of St Kilda by Sali Cleve who was a prominent St Kilda resident.

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