Seal Pond

Seal Pond ,Voorhees Memorial , Civil Park, Colorado, Denver

Public Art : Seal Pond (AKA; Voorhies Memorial Seal Pond, Seal Fountain)

Sculptor : © Robert Garrison (1895-1945)

Date: 1920

Description : The large pond features two bronze seal lion sculptures with a  young naked child sitting on the back of each seal. The child is depicted reaching around the seal's neck and grabbing at the water with delight as it sprays from the seal's mouth.

Location: Part of the Voorhies Memorial in Civil Park, Denver, Colorado, United States.

History: The Voorhies Memorial and Seal Pond, found across the park from the Greek Amphitheater, was built in 1922 at the bequest of John H. P. Voorhies, a Colorado
mining pioneer, who at one time lived directly across the street from the park.


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