Shovels Sculpture

Shovels Sculpture, Coal Dam Park, Midland, Western Australia

Public Art : Shovels Sculpture

Sculptor : © Anne Neil

Date :

Description: A series of seven cast bronze shovels in a ornamental vegetable garden.

Location : In a vegetable patch near Coal Dam Park, Midland, Western Australia.

History: The Coal Dam Park was established as part of the Midland Redevelopment Authority initiative. As part of the program the Authority commissioned various artists to create public art that would reflect the history and growth of the area. Anne Neil has three sculptures represented in Coal Dam Park, The Arbour, Shovels and the Animals sculptures which are all inspired by the theme of "nesting". The Shovels Sculpture features a set of seven cast bronze shovels placed in a vegetable garden (which is tended by the children of the local primary school). The shovels represent the nurturing and future growth of the area.

Sign :


This vegetable garden is
lovingly planted and
tended by the children of
Woodbridge Primary
Please support this
community activity and
allow them to enjoy the
results of their efforts
Thank You

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