Sir John Robertson statue


Public Art : Sir John Robertson statue

Sculptor: © Tommaso Sani

Description: Dressed in frock coat, the sandstone statue of politician Sir John Robertson (1816-1891) includes his spectacles slung around his neck and a paper marked 'Free selection before survey.' and 'Land Act 1861' on his left side.

Date unveiled:

Location: The Sir John Robertson statue can be found in a niche on the Bent Street Facade of the Department of Lands Building, Bridge Street, Sydney, Australia.

So who was Sir John Robertson? :Sir John Robertson (15th October, 1816 – 8th May, 1891) was an Australian politician and Premier of New South Wales five times. He will be best remembered for the Robertson Land Acts of 1861, which basically ousted squatters off unsurveyed land and allowed men with little money to take up the land for agriculture.

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