Sissi's Spring memorial

Sissy's Spring memorial, public art, Ion Dimitriu-Barlad, Bucharest

Public Art : Sissi's Spring memorial

Also known As: Izvorul Sissi Stefanidi

Sculptor: © Ion Dimitriu-Barlad (17th May, 1890 - 1964 )

Description: The marble fountain depicts a woman pouring water from a jug into a pool of water. It represents a mother mourning the death of a child. The statue was erected by the Stefanidi family following the death of their daughter Sissi.

Date Unveiled:

Location:  Sissi's Spring is locate in the oldest park in Bucharest, Cismigiu Garden, Romania.


Isvorul Sissi

Inchinat Scumpei Mele Copile

Sissi Stefanidi

Translation : "The source of Sissi. Dedicated to my dear child. Sissi Stefanidi."

Acknowledgements: Thank you to Simon Akkerman and Doreena Nita for kindly providing the photos.

Sissi's Spring sculpture, public art, Bucharest

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