South African War Memorial Kings Park

South African War Memorial Kings Par, Western Australia

Public Art : South African War Memorial (also known as the Boer War Memorial)

Sculptor : © James White (2 December 1861 – 14 July 1918)

Date Unveiled : The South African War Memorial was unveiled September 1902 by His Excellency Sir Edward Stone. The actual foundation stone was laid earlier by the Duke of Cornwall & York (later to become King George V) on 22nd July 1901.

Description of South African Memorial :

Location : On Fraser Avenue near the entrance off Kings Park Road, Perth, Western Australia.

Inscription :

This Foundation stone
was laid by
HRH the Duke of Cornwall and York
K.G., K.T., K.P., & c &c
On the occassion of the visit to Australia
of their Royal Highnesses
The Duke and Duchess of Cornwall and York
To open the parliament of the Commonwealth,
22nd July, 1901

In Memory of the Under Mentioned
Officers, Non-Commissioned Officers & Men of the
West Australian Contingents
Who were killed in action or died from wounds or disease
The War in South Africa 1899 - 1902

Major HG Moore RA
Lieut. AA Forrest, Lieut. GSW Hensman,
Lieut. GA Morris, Lieut. SS Ried,
Sgt FF Edwards, Far.Sgt RH McGregor, Cor GM Bishop, Cor WF Bollinger, Cor RJ Furlong Lance, Cor JG Dallingston

TH Angel, FT Adams, R Alday, A Blanck, WH Cross, M Conway, WM Collett, CC Clifford, J Delahunty, WJ Dunstan, H Force, GE Fry, Wm Fraser, B Fisher, EA Hambly, A Hammond, J Hume, EG Iles Jas Kay, WJ McPhee, W Parker, F Page, J Roscoe, J Semple, H Solomon, RW Spencer, JBM Thurston, G Westcott, H White, TH Wilson

And in the Great War 1914 -1918
Lieut Col TJ Todd, CMG Major JB Mills, Major FMW Parker, DSO Capt RT McMaster, Capt CA Barnes Lieut WC Mills, Lieut NG Sherrard, Sgt.Major SG McWirter Sgt HA Campbell, Sgt EH Welchman, Pte EW Bell, Pte E Brady, Pte M Cunningham, Pte W Davis, Pte S Jones, Pte G Lidington, Pte TF Mansbridge, Pte J Marshall, Pte FW Secombe, Pte JH Wilson

Interesting Facts About the South African Memorial : This was the first War Memorial erected in Kings Park.




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