Southern Crossing Statue

Southern Crossing, Fremantle, public art

Public Art : Southern Crossing statue

Sculptor : © Tony Jones and Ben Jones

Date Unveiled: April 2002

Description : The Southern Crossing sculpture is in three parts and includes a gangway, a life size bronze statue of a man clutching a suitcase in one hand and a model of a ship in the other, and a lif size bronze statue of a dingo. Each represents a sense of journey, adventure, fear and caution which surely every man, woman and child who disembarked from the ships in Fremantle to make a new life in Australia would have felt.

Location : The Southern Crossing sculpture can be found on Victoria Quay, Fremantle, Western Australia

Inscription :

Southern Crossing

about elements of the life stories that make up the history of Victoria Quay. The site is the oldest part of the Port of Fremantle and has been the gateway for new lives for thousands of Australians.

Important themes of this work include a sense of heartfelt relief, determination, anxiety, sorrow and hope.
The gangway reflects that moment of connection between sea and land, while the figure carries memory and the story of the journey. The dingo set further apart seems divided between welcome and caution.
The realisation of this artwork has been made possible through the goodwill and generous financial contributors of the Fremantle Port Authority, the City of Fremantle, Mediterranean Shipping Company, P&O Ports.
This project has also been assisted by the Commonwealth Government through the Australia Council, its arts funding and advisory body, and the State of Western Australia has made an investment in this project through Arts WA in association with the Lotteries Commission.

Artists Tony Jones and Ben Jones (April 2002)


Southern crossing sculpture, Fremantle, Public Art

Southern Crossing statue, Fremantle, public art

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