Spravedlnost sculpture

Spravedlnost sculpture, Brno, Czech Republic 

Public Art : Spravedlnost sculpture

Also Known As : Justice sculpture

Sculptor: © Marius Kotrba (September 30th, 1959 - May 17th, 2011)

Description: The copper sculpture depicts a figure vainly trying to lift a large cube as water empties out through the base of it to the ground.

Date Unveiled: 2010

Artist's Statement: "Justice is a heavy but delicate matter at the same time. The central figure is ruled by justice, but at the same time struggles with it.  It is allegedly in hands of those who govern the land."

Location: Justice stands outside the Supreme Administrative Court, Moravian Square, Brno, Czech Republic.

Background: Controversy of representing the "goddess of justice" as a man and not following classic symbolism. Controversy over Frenchman Tomas Medek and Czech sculptor. Of the three hundred submissions it came down to two .

The Mayor of Brno Roman Onderka said Kotrba's sculpture reminded him of the ending from one of his favourite films One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest, where the Indian pulls a water fountain from its foundations and throws it through a window, expressing freedom and justice. He believed it would rank as one of the most important sculptures in Brno.

This is the first of 4 statues to have been approved for Moravian Square.

Acknowledgements: A special thank you to Silvie Bee for kindly providing the photographs.


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