St Gertrude Statue

ST Gertrude Statue, Berlin, Germany

Public Art : St Gertrude Statue

Also Known As : Gertrude of Nivelles

Sculptor : © Rudolf Siemering

Date : 1896

Description : The 3m high bronze statue of Gertrude of Nivelles depicts her giving a poor child a drink from a cup of wine, as she lightly touches his arm. The lily is symbolic of virginity and purity, the cup full of wine is symbolic of love and the distaff symbolic of caring for the poor. Note the little field mice with the shiny head at the base of the lily. It is thought if you rub the little critters head (and don't tell anyone) your wish shall come true.  The fleeing rats and mice are symbolic of St Gertrudes ablility to avert epidemics and  protect crops.

Location : The statue of St Gertrude stands in the centre of St Gertrudes Bridge (Gertraudenbrucke), Berlin, Germany.

Acknowledgements: Thank you to Dr Andrew Taylor kindly providing the photographs.

Who was Gertrude of Nivelles ? : Saint Gertrude of Nivelles (626 – March 17, 659) was the daughter of Pepin I of Landen. When Gertrude was about 10, her father (who was a mayor) held a banquet and at that banquet she was asked to marry the son of the Duke of Austrasia. Her reply didn't go down very well as she declared whe would marry no one except Jesus Christ.

St Gertrude is the Patron Saint of travellers, farmlands and graves.

Things You May Not Know About St Gertrude's Statue : St Gertrude's statue lies on the bridge that connects Fischer Island with Spittelmarkt, right where St Gertrude's hospital use to stand. St Gertrude was the patron saint of the hospital.


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