Swallows sculpture

Swallows sculpture, Hong Kong, public art

Public Art : Swallows sculpture

Sculptor: © Chu Honsun

Description: "These swallows are frozen in time searching for food to feed the young ones. The bright white marble appears as a pleasant surprise to pedestrians hurrying to work in this busy district. The swallows might be an analogy of the white collar middle class hurrying home after work. Hard working middle class office workers are trying to earn a living to raise their children and improve their livelihood. Everyday after work, people would hurry home to see and feed their kids just like the swallow would feed their offspring. The work shows a stack of swallows in flight from different angles. The agility feeling is reinforced by the water of the pool and the reverberating reflection on it."

Date Unveiled: 1983

Collector: Leisure and Cultural Services Department

Location: Swallows can be found in the pond of Chater Garden, Central, Hong Kong.


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