Sweep Boy Statue

Sweep Boy Statue, Royla Botanic Gardens, Sydney

Public Art : Sweep Boy statue (also known as the Savoyard Sweep Boy statue)

Sculptor: ©

Description : A Victorian marble statue depicting one of the characters, a sweep boy, from the Donizetti opera ‘Linda di Chamonix’ . The barefooted boy is sitting atop a chimney stack clutching his coat tightly as if to protect himself from the cold.

Location : The Savoyard Sweep Boy statue is located in the Royal Botanic Gardens, Sydney, Australia

Background to Savoyard Sweep Boys : During the 18th and 19th Century in France young Savoyard boys (from the mountains) ventured to Paris to become chimneysweeps, a step up from street urchins. They would make their measly living by climbing up inside chimneys to clean them. The Savoyard boys lived in adject poverty in the poor districts of Paris near Port Saint Denis sleeping on straw beds.

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