Tane - God of the Forest Sculpture

Tane - God of the Forest sculpture, Matamata, public art

Public Art : Tane - God of the Forest sculpture

Sculptor : © Jason Hina

Location :

Description : A 1m high stone carving

Date Unveiled : 1992

Inscription :

God of the forest
Sculptor - Jason Hina
Presented to Matamata
from local community donations

Controversy : In 1997 a family demanded the Tane statue be removed from land they had bought because it conflicted with their Christian values. In response the Matamata Sculpture Symposium Society, who originally had put it there, organised for it to be placed in storage until they could find an alternative location.

Who is Tane? : Tane is believed by the Maori to be the divinity of the life force that created forests.

Tane - God of the forest, public art, Jason Hina


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