The Flying Frenchman sculpture

Flying Frenchman sculpture, Hong Kong, public art

Public Art: The Flying Frenchman sculpture

Also known as: The Freedom Fighter

Sculptor: © Cesar Baldaccini (1921-1998)


Funded by : The Flying Frenchman was  gifted to the people of Hong Kong by the Cartier foundation in 1992

Date Unveiled: 1992


Controversy: The Flying Frenchman sculpture was originally named the "Freedom Fighter" but as one would expect in the 1990s in Hong Kong, it was misinterpreted by many as the artist's response to the 1989  Tiananmen Square protests, commonly known as the June Fourth Incident, and the fight for a more democractic China. Under pressure from the government, the Cartier Foundation succumbed to their request and changed the sculpture's name to Flying Frenchman, which is somewhat bemusing considering the sculpture despicts a man with one broken wing.

Things you may not know about the Flying Frenchman sculpture: On June the 4th every year candles are lit next to the sculpture to remember those who died during the Tiananmen Square protests.

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