The Landing Place

The Landing Place, Emily Taylor, Public Art, Augusta, Western Australia

Public Art : The Landing Place

Sculptor : None required

Description : A simple bronze plaque on a granite rock.

Date Unveiled : The Landing Place memorial was unveiled on 2nd of May, 1980, for the 150 anniversary of settlement in Augusta.

Location : On the foreshore between Deere and Trigg Streets, Augusta, Western Australia.

What Is The Landing Place? : The Landing Place marks the spot where a group of settlers trudged ashore from the ship Emily Taylor to start a new life in a yet settled area of Western Australia's south-west region.

Background To The Landing Place : When Captain John Molloy , his wife Georgiana, James Turner and his family, and the Bussell brothers John, Charles,Vernon and Alfred arrived at the new Swan River colony in Western Australia in March 1830 they were horrified to discover that all the best land had already been allocated. The then Governor, James Stirling, did some fast talking and convinced John Molloy that some excellent land could be found around Flinders Bay just east of Cape Leeuwin. Stirling must have been very convincing because Molloy persuaded the others to join him. Within a month the group (and 30 or so more settlers) were sailing on the Emily Taylor to Flinders Bay. The new settlement had no idea of the harsh conditions on which would befall them. Click here for more on the History of Augusta.

Inscription :

The Landing Place

Where Augusta's first settlers
came ashore from the brig

Emily Taylor

2 May 1830

This memorial was erected

2 May 1980

The Augusta-Margaret River SHire Council
To commemorate the 150th anniversary of
the settlement of Augusta

The Landing Place, Augusta, Western Australia, public art


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