The Lone Sailor statue

 The Lone Sailor statue, Washington DC, public art, Stanley Bleifeld

Public Art: The Lone Sailor statue

Sculptor: © Stanley Bleifeld

Description: The bronze Lone Sailor statue is part of the United States Navy Memorial in Washington DC as a tribute to all who served in the US naval services since 1775. Despite the name of the lone sailor's seabag reading William Thompson, the main model for the sculpture was Petty Officer 1st class Dan Maloney. The 7ft sailor stands with hands in coat pocket next to his seabag and a ship bollard. His face wears the strains of war.  The Lone Sailor is dressed in a typical sailor's winter outfit, including bellbottom pants, bluejacket with collar turned up, loose neckerchief and a sailor's flat hat.

Date Unveiled: Dedicated on the 13th October, 1987, the anniversary of the US Navy's birthday (October 13th, 1775).

Location: The United States Navy Memorial is located on Pennsylvania Avenue , Washington DC, USA.

Trivia: The bronze for the Lone Sailor statue was melted and mixed with metal objects taken from 8 American navy ships. The objects included small pieces of copper sheeting, spikes, hammock hooks and other fragments from the post-revolutionary frigates Constitution ("Old Ironsides") and Constellation; the steamer Hartford, flagship of Admiral David G. Farragut in the Civil War era; the battleship USS Maine; the iron-hulled steamer USS Ranger; the World War II-era cruiser USS Biloxi and aircraft carrier USS Hancock, and the nuclear-powered submarine USS Seawolf. In addition a  National Defense Service Medal from today's Navy was also included.

Stanley Bleifeld is the U.S. Navy Memorial's official sculptor and served in the Navy in World War II as an illustrator for Navy training manuals.

There are 12 copies of the Lone Sailor statue around the United States:

Bremerton, Washington, Bremerton Marina.
Burlington, Vermont, Leahy Center.
Charleston, South Carolina, Charleston Naval Memorial Park.
Fort Lauderdale, Florida, Esplanade Park.
Great Lakes, Illinois, Great Lakes Naval Training Center.
Jacksonville, Florida,  St. Johns River.
Long Beach, California, overlooking the Pacific Ocean.
Norfolk, Virginia, in Wisconsin Square .
San Francisco, California, above Fort Baker.
Waterloo, Iowa, Grout Museum.
West Haven, Connecticut, in Old Grove Park.

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