The Passenger Sculpture

The Passenger Sculpture, Brisbane, Australia

Public Art : The Passenger Sculpture also known as "the Commuter".

Sculptor : © Cezary Stulgis

Date : 2003

Description : Galvanized steel sculpture of a man on public transport. The expressionless commuter is holding onto a safety strap with one hand, whilst carrying a suitcase in the other. The stainless steel background includes a real Brisbane City Council bus window. The sculpture seems to be poking fun at all the people having to spend too much time commuting, when they could simply buy an apartment at Willahra Towers and save themselves the stress (clever, you say?). I guess being located on the most busiest street of Brisbane and facing the traffic, was no coincidence, subtly reminding, or should I say, reinforcing, to those who see it everyday from their bus window, how unlucky they really are (too right, clever). Art poking fun at the masses (priceless).

Commissioned By : Willahra PTY LTD

Location : Willahra Towers, 540 Queen Street, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.

The Passenger Sculpture, Brisbane, Australia  The Passenger Sculpture, Brisbane, Australia


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