Tornado sculpture

Tornado sculpture, New York City, Michael Sailstorfer, public art

Public Art: Tornado sculpture

Sculptor: © Michael Sailstorfer

Temporary : The sculpture will be on show from 20th of September, 2011 - 19th February, 2012 as part of the Arts in the Parks program.

Description: Who knew inner tubes from truck tires and steel could make such a visually powerful statement. The 30ft high sculpture looms like a black cloud as it gently blows in the breeze. The inner tubes are knotted together and hang in bunches on a steel structure which zig zags from top to bottom. Despite its menacing look it is made up mostly of air, just like a real tornado.

Date Unveiled: 20th of September, 2011

Location: The Tornado can be found blowing at the Doris Freedman Plaza, Central Park, Manhattan, New York City.

Acknowledgements: Thank you to David Westerman and Heidi Armstrong from State Custodians for kindly providing the photographs.

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