Under Sky/One Family sculpture

Under Sky/ One family sculpture, Baltimore, public art, Mark di Suvero

Public Art: Under Sky/One Family

Sculptor: © Mark di Suvero

Description: This steel sculpture features five vertical beams and an old ship anchor. The steel beams which are symbolic of ship masts,  are arranged in such away that they also give the appearance of an anchor, reminding the viewer of baltimore's ship building and maritime past.

Donated By : Baltimore City Department of Housing and Community Development

Date Unveiled: Under Sky/One Family was dedicated in May , 1980, by Mrs Joan Mondale the wife of the then Vice President Walter Mondale.

Location: Under Sky/One Family is just east of the Baltimore World Trade Center, 401 E. Pratt Stree, Baltimore, Maryland, USA.


The title is taken from a Chinese saying 天下一家人, the idea of one human family under the sun . However, it also was inspired by Martin Luther King's "one people, living together , working together, playing together."

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