Urban Indian Sculpture

Urban Indian Sculpture, Vancouver

Public Art : Urban Indian sculpture

Sculptor : © unknown

Description: This story stone was part of the V2K project which was originally exhibited at the Vancouver museum. The project included 230 plaques and 10 large story stones. On the heart shape stone is a poem by Fred Arrance, past director of the Aboriginal Front Door.

Date : 2000

Location : Harbour Front Park, Vancouver, Canada.

Inscription :

Urban Indian

Fred Arrance February 2000

We as Indian people sometimes forget
where we came from.
Our customs, songs, traditional methods
lost along the way.
Caught within the walls of this cement jungle.

Indian people are dying
trying to find the way.
Soup lines replace tap lines
Mighty warriors now hunt in Safeway.
Warriors who once fought for mother earth
now fight to stay sober and out of jail.

Our elected Indian leaders
deaf and dumb to our cause.
How can they work for the marginalized
if they are dysfunctional themselves.
Do not let the smell of money fool you
Indian ways are not for sale.



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