Wellington Arch Quadriga

Wellington Arch, Quadriga, England, public art

Public Art : Wellington Arch Quadriga

Also Known As : Peace Descending on the Quadriga of War

Sculptor: © Adrian Jones (1845–1938)

Description: The enormous bronze sculpture features Victory with her laurel held high riding on a chariot, as a young boy steers four rearing horses.

Date Unveiled: 1912

Location: The triumphal arch is located on the south side of Hyde Park at the north western corner of Green Park, London, England.


“The quadriga surmounting this arch was presented to the nation, as a mark of deepest loyalty and respect to his late revered Majesty Edward VII, by Herbert First Baron Michelham of Hellingly KCVO”

Background To Wellington Arch:

Wellington Arch Quadriga Trivia: The Wellington Arch Quadriga is the largest bronze sculpture  not only in England but the whole of Europe.

Sculptor Adrain Jones used Lord Michelham's son as a model for the little boy leading the horses (below Victory).

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