Yellow Submarine

Yellow Submarine, Geraldton, Western Australia

Public Art : Yellow Submarine

Sculptor/ Artist : Max Cramer obtained it and painted it yellow.

Date : c. 1970's

Description : A big 10 ton yellow submarine on the main street (too big for anyone to consider stealing )

Location : Original location was on Marine Terrace (next to the old Museum) Geraldton, Western Australia. New Home will be Francis Street.

History of the Yellow Submarine : I ummed and ahhed about putting this on the Public Art site, but as it has been such an important icon in the City of Geraldton for an awfully long time, I thought it was the least I could do (and because it is yellow). The Yellow submarine (which wasn't always yellow) came to rest off the foreshore of Geraldton's main drag in the 1970's, after it failed as a lobster catcher. Yes, that's right, originally the sub was built to harvest green (or painted) crayfish located in tropical waters in the North West (don't ask me how !). It was thought the crayfish weren't responding to conventional baited pots, so they came up with this unconventional method. Imagine the lobster's surprise when this big yellow thing came a calling.

In 2007 it was agreed the old yellow tub needed a makeover and local businesses, volunteers , Lottery West and even the West Australian State Government came to the party to help with the refurbishment costs. The submarine makeover will include a sandblast, a new coat of yellow paint and a few little modifications. The modifications include lights which will be place both inside and outside the sub to highlight (and I quote) "workings of the futuristic machine". When the restoration is complete the Yellow Submarine will have a new home on the Francis Street.

Well, blow me down if they don't have a refurbishment committee! The director of technical services is quoted as saying " it will make the submarine more relevant to visitors ". More relevant in what way, I may ask ?

Trivia : It was Max Cramer's idea to paint the submarine yellow, he was influenced by a particular Beatles song.


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