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Prince Henry the Navigator Monument

Pince Henry The Navigator Monument
Prince Henry The Navigator Monument

Public Art: Prince Henry the Navigator Monument

Also Known As: Infante Dom Henrique o Navegador

Sculptor:© Tomás Costa

Date Unveiled: 1894

Description: The monument is dedicated to Prince Henry the Navigator, the 15th-century Portuguese explorer. The Prince stands next to a globe. His gloved hand points out towards the ocean with a scroll (map) rolled up in his left hand. If you look very closely you will see that Prince Henry is wearing spurs. He also has a very unflattering hairstyle. At the base is a bronze group including Faith (the female figure) riding on the bow of a ship being guided by two horses and two tritons. The Tritons are blowing on conch shells whilst gripping onto the reins of the horses. Faith holds a flag in her right hand and two feathers (?) in her left hand. At the rear of the monument is another bronze statue of a bare-footed angel balancing on a globe. She is holding her arms up high with a cross in her right hand. Just below the statue of Prince Henry are two bronze reliefs depicting his life and achievements.

Location: The Prince Henry the Navigator Monument is located in the park in front of the Bolsa Palace, São Nicolau, Porto, Portugal.

Things You May Not Know

Prince Henry was never referred to as “the Navigator” in his lifetime, the nickname was coined by two 19th century German Historians

Who Was Prince Henry?:


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