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Pieces of Leisure sculpture

Pieces of Leisure sculpture

Public Art: Pieces of Leisure sculpture

Pieces of Leisure sculpture

Sculptor: © Judith Forrest

Description: The unusual bronze and steel sculpture is inspired by the people and the activities that go on in Hyde park. The sculpture consists of a painted light blue bicycle base with a bronze chess board balancing on the seat. The Board is full of different characters, all making various moves.

Date Unveiled: The sculpture was installed in June, 2006

Location: The Pieces of Leisure sculpture is located under the shade of a tree near the children’s playground on the western side of Hyde Park, Highgate, Western Australia.


Pieces of Leisure

“A record of the vibrant social life in our park”

Artist: Judith Forrest

Pieces of Leisure sculpture

Commissioned as part of the Wetlands Heritage Trail by the Town of Vincent
June 2006

Steel fabrication: Laurie Hansen
Bronze casting: Dan Gentle 

Controversy: The inspiration for the Pieces of Leisure was Alex, an old Croatian man, and his trusty corella “Cheeky” who were often seen riding around the park with the bird perched contently on the bicycle basket. When the sculpture was unveiled, Judith Forrest had featured a mini statue of Cheeky perched on the corner square of the chess board. Sadly, the bronze statue was later stolen by vandals. On May the 7th , 2011, Cheeky the corella was also stolen and now Alex rides solo around the park.

The City of Vincent is currently looking at replacing the missing statue of the bird.

Pieces of Leisure sculpture


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