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Public Art in Italy

In ancient times the Romans were keen supporters of public art, in fact, they loved nothing more than erecting a statue in honour of an Emperor. The Romans treated public art with the same enthusiasm that they treated war. In fact, public art became a way of gloating, “to the victor came the spoils” so to speak. Bigger, better, grander. Artists, like warriors, were worshipped. From Triumphal Arches to marble statues, Emperors wanted their achievements recognized and displayed for all the world to see and they wanted the best sculptor to create them. So it is understandable that a certain artistic rivalry would develop amongst the greatest sculptors of Italy and they weren’t shy in expressing it through their work. Artistic rivalry can be found just about everywhere in Italy, from Bernini and Borromini (Piazza Navona) to Bandinelli and Michelangelo (Florence).

Lazio Region


Castor and Pollux statues
Public Art Rome

Tuscany Region


Statue of David (Copy)
Public Art Florence

Lombardy Region


Sforza Castle Fountain
Public Art Milan

Piedmont Region


Giuseppe Garibaldi Monument
Public Art Turin


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