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Governor Macquarie Statue

The Flasher

Public Art: Governor Macquarie Statue

Nickname : “The Flasher” due to the way he is holding his coat

Sculptor: © Unknown

Cast By : F.J and I Lemon Foundry, Melbourne, Victoria.

Date: Unveiled November, 1998.

Description: A fairly crude bronze statue of Governor Maquarie standing in his official garb (I assume his Major General uniform), with chin held high (assuming the self conceited pose he was renowned for) and with coat/cape wrapping around himself. Unfortunately the statue has taken on the name of “The Flasher” due to this unusual pose.

Location: The statue was hiding in the corner of Parliament House (originally the Principal Surgeon’s Residence of “The Rum Hospital”) in Macquarie St, Sydney,  under a tree, but last time I looked it had been removed.

Background of Governor Maquarie: Lachlan Macquarie became Governor of New South Wales in 1808 after the disasterous exploits of Captain come Governor, William Bligh.

Governor Macquarie was quite an egotist, forever writing flowery discriptions about himself and his achievements back home to the English Government. He also had a bad habit of naming every place discovered, during his term in office, after himself or family members. But during his twelve years as Governor he helped the young colony expand in industry, education and religion. Building churches and schools and helping free settlers to establish farms and proper housing. All in all he wasn’t a bad guy.

Unfortunately, he really hasn’t been acknowledged greatly through public art but I guess when you have so many streets and places named in your honour, does it at all seem necessary!

History of Governor Lachlan Maquarie Statue : The Governor Macquarie statue was donated by FAI Insurances Limited in 1998, to the memory of Mr L.J. Adler and was unveiled by Mr R.S.Adler in November of the same year. 

Well I Never ! : Here is a list of just a few places named after the man himself

In NSW Macquarie Island, Lake Macquarie (renamed for his sake), Macquarie River, Lachlan River, Port Macquarie
Macquarie Pass, Macquarie Rivulet,Macquarie Hill, Macquarie Pass, Macquarie Pier (now Nobby’s Head), Macquarie Street, Macquarie Place, Macquarie Lighthouse, The Macquarie Arms Hotel, The former Fort Macquarie, Macquarie Fields (suburb), Lachlan Avenue and not to mention numerous parishes.

In Tasmania – Macquarie Harbour, Lachlan (Town), Macquarie River, Macquarie Street (Hobart) and Macquarie Street (Evandale)

Wait but there is more….

In Honour of wife Elizabeth (nee Campbell 1778-1835)

Elizabeth Bay, Mrs Macquarie’s Chair, Campbelltown (NSW and Tasmania), Elizabeth River (Tasmania), Elizabeth Town (Tasmania), Mrs. Macquarie’s Road and Elizabeth Street (Sydney and Tasmania).

Wife’s Friend

Meredith Island

Places named after his Home on the Isle of Mull

Glenorchy (Tasmania), Hamilton (Tasmania), North Esk and South Esk Rivers.

Institutions named after Macquarie:

Macquarie Hospital (Sydney), Macquarie University (Sydney) and of course Macquarie Bank (founded in 1970).


  1. The statue initially stood on the front steps of FAI House in Macquarie Street opposite NSW Parliament House. It is now in the forecourt of The Mint at 10 Macquarie Street.
    It is a vastly better artwork than the ridiculous parody now located at the north end of Hyde Park.

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