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Heroes of South Dobrogea Monument

Heroes of South Dobrogea Monument
Heroes of South Dobrogea Monument

Public Art: Heroes of South Dobrogea Monument

Sculptors: © Doru Nuta, Daniel Divrician and Adrian Dumitru

Date Unveiled: May 9th, 1998 on the day of Eroes and Europe

Description: The Macin Mountains granite and bronze group dedicated to the Christian and Muslim Heroes of Mangalia who gave their lives in the First World War (1916-1918) and the Second World War (1941 -1 945). The monument is in three parts “The Gate of Light”, “Altar” and “Ascension”. The Light Gate by Daniel Divrician is located on the west side of the Monument. The “altar” by Doru Nuta depicts a dying hero who sacrificed his life for the country. “Ascension” symbolizes the ascension to heaven of the deceased heroes’ souls. On the Memorial are the names of those who sacrificed their lives for their country and who died on the battlefields. The cross and the crescent (Christian and Muslim insignias) appear in the front of the names.

Location: The Heroes of South Dobrogea Monument is located in the Republic Square in downtown Mangalia, Romania



Translation -“It is sweet and honest (it is honorable) to die for patrimony”

Artist’s Statement: The artist Doru Nuta has a personal connection to this work.  Nuta was as a young soldier involved in the revolution in Romania. “Captured in fear and coldness one stood up in hope, inadequate shoes, clothes and arms. Arms and legs are bursting out of stone, trying to reach freedom from sadness, pain, and desperation – symbolized by the heavy weight of the rock. The exhaustion and calmness that lie within this monument consolidate this artwork at the interface of a painful past and vulnerable future.”

Reference: Mangalia News, DIN PATRIMONIUL MUNICIPIULUI MANGALIA – Episodul 6: ‘Monumentul Eroilor Neamului’ și ‘Templul roman de la sens’, 29/03/2017

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