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Colorado Veterans Monument

Colorado Veterans Monument
Colorado Veterans Monument

Public Art: Colorado Veterans Monument

Also Known As: Veterans Obelisk

Designed by: © Robert Koot and Richard Farley

Date: Dedicated on November 11th, Veterans Day 1990

Description: The 30ft obelisk is built from red sandstone, quarried from Lyons (Boulder, Colorado) and features a beacon on the top. There are 5 brass plaques bearing the emblem of each of the branches of the Armed Forces.

Location: Across from the west steps of the Colorado State Capitol, in Denver’s Civic Center Park, Denver, Colorado, United States.

Cost: $600,000

Funded by: The volunteer staff of the Colorado Tribute to Veterans Fund, Inc.

History: In 1983 Tim Drago formed the Colorado Tribute to Veterans Fund, Inc. with the main aim to build a monument for veterans of World War I, World War II, Korea and Vietnam in the State Capitol grounds. With the help of the volunteer staff of the Colorado Tribute to Veterans Fund, Inc, the monument became a reality.

The design was selected by veterans in a state-wide competition and the red sandstone came from Lyons, Colorado.

Ten years after the obelisk was erected, on Memorial Day 2000, Governor Bill Owens signed into law the Colorado Veterans Monument Preservation Trust Fund. This law ensures that the monument is preserved for future generations. To see how you can assist in helping out. Being in a public park, the monument is sometimes subjected to graffiti but Tim and his team have also formed a Volunteer Litter Control Project to keep an eye on their memorial and to make sure the obelisk can be enjoyed for future generations.

Inscription :

Dedicated by
the people of Colorado
in gratitude and respect
for the men and women
who have proudly served
and sacrificed
in our nation’s
Armed Forces

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