Public Art Around The World

More Than Just The Plaque

Author: Tanya

One of the most delightfully eccentric characters immortalized in bronze would have to be Sir Dove-Myer Robinson. Known simply as “Robbie” by the locals, the bespectacled Sir Dove-Myer Robinson was Auckland city’s longest-running mayor. He held office for 18 years. He was also delightfully weird, highly astute and a true visionary. Among his eccentricities, Robbie […]

The Fig Leaf Campaign

In Controversy
On October 17, 2017
Ever wonder why some statues depicting naked men or women have fig leaves strategically placed over their private parts? Nakedness in art has always been a troublesome subject. In Ancient Greek art, it wouldn’t be cool not to flash the male genitalia around. You would be forgiven to think that they all walked around naked […]
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